Want A Bit of Valentine’s Day Magic?


Are You Waiting For a Bit of Valentine's Day Magic?


Perhaps you know me as the person who always writes about heartache and love frustrations? Well, yes, that is because I want to offer good advice for those heart pains..

Some other times, I turn around the question, and ask: what is working? what is consistently making couples happy, and developing supporting each other? We could, if we wanted,  find lots of marriage warriors, disapointed and empty looking forward to Valentine's Day with scepticism and sadness. So, if I want to connect with this different, more positive angle on the question, where should I go? 

I would begin remembering that we humans can change our circumstances...and open the way for the better emotional life we anxiously expect. We could, with a little insight, create a better reality for us....This is the magic I'm referring to!  And now, I found a great article I wish to share with you, that explains what can you do to get the magic back!

Here it is, and we will thank Dr Rhoberta Shaler for her insights!

Are You Hoping Valentines Day Will Re-Kindle Lost Magic?

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