Withholding Sex: How Do You Keep Yourself Alive?

  In a previous post about sexless marriage, we discussed the issue of passive aggressive husbands withholding sex in the marriage. It is a form of punishment that tries to keep you under his control. However, we can also understand it as … [Read more...]

How to Survive in a Sexless Passive Aggressive Marriage

The issue of a sexless passive aggressive marriage is difficult to understand, looks like a contradiction in terms. Why marry if you don't want sex? It goes deeper... Sex as a means of control is something many women struggle with in a passive … [Read more...]

Steps to self-love after abuse suffering

Do you know the value of self-love? We all know the value of love connections in our lives. Thanks to giving and receiving love, we can feel supported, connected and appreciated. Our whole life depends on having vital connections with others: we are … [Read more...]

Gonna set my heart at ease…

Sometimes, the words in a song hit us because they reflect exactly how we are feeling at the moment... This song really hit me in a very strong way: Gonna take a sentimental journey Gonna set my heart at ease Gonna make a sentimental … [Read more...]

“COMING BACK TO YOUR OWN LIFE” recording is here!

Several days ago, I told you about this seminar:  "COMING BACK TO YOUR OWN LIFE" that I was doing together with my friend Michael Jason Sherman, MA. It was a great opportunity for me to share my ideas about that space between single-hood and … [Read more...]