Emotional isolation and marriage don’t go together

This week I received several calls, one from such a distance place as Australia, all coming from women in their 50-60s that were asking a similar question...What happened to my life, that I ended up with so much emotional isolation from my husband? … [Read more...]

Passive aggression has a heavy impact on us…

How does passive aggression impact you? The same one where you go through months and years of silence, confrontation, and no love connection at all? From the answers to our readers, We spend months and years with the gnawing feeling that things … [Read more...]

What Did She Do to Overcoming Passive Aggression?

Are you looking for encouragement today overcoming passive aggression? Why not read this story from Lori M, posted here. Her story started as one of the many tales of heartache and self-blame that wives of passive aggressive husbands know by heart, … [Read more...]

Help: I am single and yet stuck in a marriage with three children!

  I'm stuck in a marriage with three children! she wrote... Some days ago, this posting landed in our comments section, and it was really painful to read. Once you overcome the shock of the pairing of two words that are opposite (who can … [Read more...]

Divorcing A Passive Aggressive Husband: 5 Questions to Ponder Before Moving On

Divorcing a Passive Aggressive Husband is a very exhausting path! The decision to divorce anyone is a very difficult one, but it can be especially hard if you are married to a passive aggressive person. Because one day he is acting nice to you, and … [Read more...]