From a wider perspective, this marital control game is so clear!

Perhaps because it's summer, I can see clearly the marital control game going on? Just driving around when a thought exploded in my brain: are we all playing this universal game? Let me explain the "control game," when both sides push and pull, but … [Read more...]

Too many tech toys, and no talk?

Too much technology around, and no talk? Remember the good old personal fights of yesterday? We used any opportunity for expressing ourselves with some shouting and strong words, when frustrated and or/disappointed.  Don't take me wrong, fighting … [Read more...]

Can You Stop His Denial?

 (If you don't know what this is here is help)A desperate wife sent this comic and serious request for help...she copied for me the beginning of a letter to her husband:"I was watching TV and the , and some people were using those strange … [Read more...]

“Don’t get near, I am emotionally unavailable and we will never connect…”

Emotionally unavailable partner? We understand!   Let’s imagine a person has been deeply wounded in childhood, with the results that he doesn’t believes that relationships work and that he can be loved, or respected by someone, and that … [Read more...]

Low self-esteem living with an emotionally unavailable spouse

Is your self-esteem getting low and lower?  Living with someone who is usually withdrawn and detached from you is heavy punishment to your self-esteem. Either you have selected this person to share your life because you need to compensate for past … [Read more...]